CMDB Analyzer Launch-in-Context Guide



This guide describes CMDB Analyzer version 2.0 and later.

Launch-in-Context enables you to integrate CMDB Analyzer into BMC Action Request System. You can launch CMDB Analyzer in CMDB Console to view CDM (Common Data Model) or selected CIs. To enable Launch-in-Context in BMC ARS, you have to perform some configuration steps.

This guide assumes you are familiar with BMC Remedy Action Request Systems and know how to create buttons and active links in ARS. This guide also assumes you have read the CMDB Analyzer User Guide.

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Sample Launch-in-Context Configuration

In a normal operation, you launch CMDB Analyzer from desktop and create your workspace, projects and one or more dataset views. There are other ways to launch CMDB Analyzer - launch it directly from CMDB Console or as a federated link.

The following is a sample Launch-in-Context configuration. In this example you add a button "CMDB Analyzer" next to "CI Relationship Viewer" button in CMDB Console. The "CMDB Analyzer" button launches CMDB Analyzer with an automatically populated server project and the Instance Explorer window displaying the CI you just selected. If you then select another CI in CMDB Console and click "CMDB Analyzer" button again, the new CI gets added to the Instance Explorer window too. To make all these happen, follow the steps described below:

  1. Edit launchCmdbAnz.bat

    You can find launchCmdbAnz.bat in the CMDB Analyzer home directory. It is the script that launches CMDB Analyzer. Open this script and make these two changes:

    • Change "cd c:\test\cmdbAnz" to "cd [your current CMDB Analyzer home path]"
    • Set the Workspace to a folder you will use as the workspace.

    Make sure the workspace folder exists.

    Save launchCmdbAnz.bat in the same directory or move it to somewhere else.


  2. Test launchCmdbAnz.bat

    Double click launchCmdbAnz.bat and CMDB Analyzer should be launched with an empty workspace (assume no projects ever created in the workspace) regardless where launchCmdbAnz.bat is located.


  3. Create an Active Link

    • Create an Active Link called "CMDB:Analyzer_Launch" and set Form Name to "CMDB:CISearch_QuickSearch".
    • [Do this after Step 4: Create a Button] In the "execute On" select "Button/Menu Item" with Field set to "CMDB Analyzer".
    • In the "If Action" tab, set Current Actions to "Run Process". In the Command Line enter the following:
  4. [path to]launchCmdbAnz.bat $SERVER$ $USER$ $TCPPORT$ $colResultsInstanceId$ $colResultsDatasetId$


  5. Create a Button

    • Open form "CMDB:CISearch_QuickSearch" and create a button called "CMDB Analyzer" next to "CI Relationship Viewer" button.
    • Open button property panel. In the "Active Link(s)" panel select Active Link: CMDB:Analyzer_Launch.


  6. Test Launch-in-Context

    Open BMC Remedy User to test the new button and active link. Be aware that this configuration only works if you have BMC Remedy User and CMDB Analyzer running on the same box.