• Out-of-box support for BMC Atrium CMDB (from v1.1 to current version)
  • Scalable to view tens of thousands of CIs and relationships in one single view
  • Real-time or off-line CMDB dataset view
  • Ability to view all datasets, including overlay datasets
  • Ability to duplicate views and create sub-graphs
  • CI and relationship dynamic filtering
  • CDM hierarchical view
  • Instant access to class and instance attributes
  • Configurable graphics properties
  • Dataset diff view to compare datasets from different CMDB servers
  • Dataset instance filtering
  • CI statistics reporting
  • Snapshot and image export
  • XML export and CSV export
  • Print preview
  • CI instance aging analysis
  • RE job history view
  • View CMDB system configuration class information
  • Launch-in-Context

Scale to Large Dataset - CMDB with 10K CI instances and relationships? It takes only about 30 seconds for CMDB Analyzer Enterprise to load them all and render the graph using less than 100M memory. What about 100K or one million CIs? No problem, CMDB Analyzer Enterprise has the technologies to deal with very large dataset by

  • Instance Filter - limits the number of instances retrieved from the server; you only see what you want to see. CMDB Analyzer provides graphical editing tools to help you define instance filters.
  • Instance Explorer - drag&drop CI instances, expand upstream and downstream; it's dynamic and it's fast.

CMDB Analytics Views -  Dataset Diff View, CI Aging Analysis View, Reconciliation Job View, System Class View, etc.

Improved CDM View - Graphical representing of current CDM with detailed information about the classes and their attributes including a graphical view for relationship cardinality.

Launch-in-Context - Launch CMDB Analyzer in Remedy CMDB Console!

WebEx Demo
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