CMDB Analyzer Q&A
1. Is CMDB Analyzer Enterprise 2.0 freeware?

No. CMDB Analyzer 1.0 is freeware but not CMDB Analyzer Enterprise 2.0, which has been improved significantly for enterprise environment.

2. Which BMC Atrium CMDB version does CMDB Analyzer support?

CMDB Analyzer currently supports CMDB1.1, CMDB2.x and CMDB 7.x

3. Is it safe to run CMDB Analyzer? I'm worried that I might accidentally change something in CMDB.

CMDB Analyzer only uses the "read-only" part of the CMDB SDK. All it does is to read data from CMDB and no modification is attempted.

4. We have a large amount of CIs and relationships in our system, can CMDB Analyzer handle them?

Yes. CMDB Analyzer has technologies to handle large data set. CMDB Analyzer can easily handle 10k CI instances with 10K relationships in dataset view. For very large data you can set instance filters or use Instance Explorer to view data. Details can be found in CMDB Analyzer User Guide.







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