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"The CMDB Analyzer ...a well designed, adaptable front end for the Atrium CMDB. The integration was straight forward, and accomplished in minutes" -Brian Alexander, BMC Software, www.bsmviews.com

" I must say that I’m very impressed what you guys have done. The solution really rocks. I will definitely position your tool to my existing customers." -Jan Merivirta,
Solution Architect, BMC Software

"I presented the tools to the client's technical requirements team. They are very impressed. It is the first time that they will be able to visualize dependencies from business process to hardware infrastructure. They are thrilled that - using the workshop tool - they will be able to extract as-is infrastructures and create to-be-infrastructure-model. Well done!" -Christopher Mangels

"This exciting, practical and functionally rich value add solution for Service Desk Express really push the envelope of Service Management efficiency." -IberTek

"...quite impressed with the responsiveness and quality of your support"

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The Configuration Management Database, or CMDB, is fundamental to ITIL. Unfortunately, due to its complexity and especially the lack of effective CI visualization and editing tools,  implementing and managing CMDB has been a challenge for companies that has adopted or are planning to adopt the technology.

CMDB Analyzer and CMDB Workshop, which are built upon our advanced enterprise data visualization platform, help customers maximize the business value from the CMDB technology while minimizing complexity and business risk that are associated with the technology. As CMDB is the key component of ITIL, our products can have tremendously positive effects in accelerating ITIL best practice adoption.

CMDB Analyzer realizes the full benefits of your CMDB system by delivering unprecedented visibility of infrastructure and application components as they impact business services.  It provides an essential tool for assessing changes,  troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.

Install in 30 seconds and view data immediately!

View data from multiple servers and XML data source
State-of-the-art CMDB data visualization engine
CI and relationship dynamic filtering
Pre-built visual analysis tools and reporting
Downstream and upstream sub-graph generation
Large graph drawing capability and small memory footprint

CMDB Analyzer is available for free 30-day evaluation. For more information,  please contact support@bluelineG.com.

CMDB Workshop is the most advanced and yet very intuitive CMDB visual editor. It is loaded with a rich set of features to reduce the complexity and increase the confidence of managing CMDB data.

No Database, No Configuration, just install and run!

On-line and off-line work mode
Fast and powerful graph visual editing
Import data from server, XML file and CSV file
Built-in CI Map and relationship normalization
On-the-fly relationship cardinality validation
Pre-built templates to model common systems

CMDB Workshop Pro is available for free 30-day evaluation. For more information,  please contact support@bluelineG.com.

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